SDG Boekel Ecovillage

A unique, inspiring example for sustainable living in connection with the world.

In SDG Boekel Ecovillage we will cater our needs in a very sustainable way. By doing so we will contribute solutions for climate change, environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity and exhaustion of natural resources, in close cooperation with our surroundings. If fact, Boekel Ecovillage is working on all 17 SDG’s!

Our goal is a (mostly) selfsupporting village when it comes to energy, water and a big part of our food. It will be financially supported by the sustainable enterprises that we are projecting. Everything will be done in accordance to our ambitious vision and mission and will be completely fossilfree.

Boekel Ecovillage will act as a Living Lab, a real-life test and experimentation environment for a sustainable future. Ecovillagers will be users and producers and will co-create innovation and foster user-driven open innovation.