Inspring: Biomimicry; Nature as sustainable example

biomimicryOur Waterplan, we’ll design in accordance with the principles of  Biomimicry.

Biomimicry means investigating nature and applying resulting insights in architecture and the design of products. For example: The heat regulation in the East Gate tower in Zimbabwe, is inspired by termites living in a termite hill. The building now only uses 10% of the energy that is normal for such buildings.

In the desert, a certain breed of termites can only endure temperature changes of 1 degree Celsius. The outside temperature may vary 50 degrees between day and night. The termites can regulate the temperature in the termite hill simply by opening and closing tunnels. An incredible accomplishment which can result only from 3.8 billion years of experimentation and investigation.

Interview (NL):!/koffietijd-9182/9f10193a-1e07-44b9-99e1-14c985a01558

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