We wish to keep all parties involved with our project up to date. In this phase, it is mostly town council Boekel.

As we continue to grow and develop, we wish to provide more information to potential participants, investors and partners.

All new information will be posted on our dutch website: www.ecodorpboekel.nl and subsequently translated to our english website www.ecovillageboekel.nl

New information that is posted on the website, will be announced via Facebook, in the group ‘Vrienden van Ecodorp Boekel’ and via Twitter: @EcodorpBoekel.

Once in while, we wish to meet up with the people who are interested in us. This allows possible participants to make informed decision about whether or not they wish to join in. Also, investors may decide whether or not they wish to support us. People who are simply curious, are equally welcome to join one of our events. At the moment we’re holding information-meetings every third Sunday of the month.