Boekel Ecovillage is a cooperation with members and candidate members. Currently we are between 10-15 people that have committed to participate in the project as a member and to live in the village itself. Several tens of other people have shown serious interest and/or are on their way to become a (candidate) member. Around 2000 people keep in regular contact with us through our newsletters, facebookpage and twitteraccount.

Our culture is based on three principles:

  • Selfreflection. Learn from the things you find difficult in somebody else.
  • Participation. We share the work, sustainable living takes a bit more time than a frozen pizza from the supermarket.
  • Trust. In yourself and in others.

We support this cooperative culture by spending regularly time together and actively make time in our busy schedules to share feelings and thoughts with each other.

Holarchic organisation structure
Most ecovillages use sociocracy to make decisions. Sociocracy originates from The Netherlands and dates back to the seventies. A new way to build organisations is holarchy, this seems to be more suitable in these days and probably fits better in our way of working; go with the flow.