Our emerging culture leans on three principles:

Self reflection

We have good experiences working with the core quadrants as discovered by Daniel Ofman (dutch). When you notice something that troubles you about someone else, you investigate yourself to discover what you can learn from this experience.


Together we share the workload. Living sustainably, in many aspects, demands time. Generally it requires much more time than a home-cook meal from the supermarket. Things have to be planted, weeds require removing, herbs and vegetables must be picked and prepared in the kitchen.


Our cooperation is based on trust. Trust in yourself and in the others. We support a cooperative culture by coming together on a regular basis to share our feelings and thoughts. These meetings are facilitated, in turns, by (canditate) members. The only goal is to get to know each other better to improve interaction.


What follows is a more detailed description of our cultural principles.

In our vision is described why we, as an Ecovillage, want to live in a sustainable fashion. Here we focus on how we wish to interact with each other and ourselves. The three principles tend to serve us as a source of inspiration, motivation and trust. Each member of Boekel Ecovillage embodies our principles by;

1. Spending time on- and investing in Boekel Ecovillage;
2. Developing his or her creativity/qualities and to apply for the benefit the community;
3. Contributing according to one’s ability, receiving according to need;
4. Supporting wherever possible.
5. Giving feedback and receiving it with respect (in truth, honesty, transparency and love).

The above mentioned requires a process of increasing one’s awareness.

Further exploration of the aforementioned principles leads to the following main aspects, which are, of course, interrelated.

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