Boekel Ecovillage as Verified Conservation Area (VCA)

Goal: Life on Land Our slogan is: A unique, inspiring example for sustainable living in connection with the world.

In connection with the world also means living in connection with the terrain we live on and with other species surrounding us. As the wombat once said: All is One, everything is connected, if you ignore that, you’re doomed! Klik here to view the wombat.

We know this to be true, so we applied as a Verified Conservation Area (VCA). We want to show that Human Sapiens can live in balance with nature, even have a positive impact. We want to be an inspiring example at that, because everyone needs to learn to live that way, if we want to continue living in the fourth second.
An experienced ecologist, Ben Delbaere helped us to apply and wrote a letter of recommendation. This letter is a big compliment, and also a guideline and goal. After some years we need to have proven his words to be right. And this can be verified, as we become a VCA.

His letter of recommendation:

To whom it concerns,

It is with pleasure that I recommend Ecodorp Boekel to be registered as a Verified Conservation Area (VCA).
The current conservation status of Ecodorp Boekel is minimal. This is due to its recent history as intensively used agricultural land and the ongoing development works toward becoming an ecovillage. The latter underlines the high potential of the area to strongly increase local biodiversity, below-ground as well as above with its flora and fauna. The ambition of the ecovillage community to becoming self-sustaining and adopt a circular approach towards material and energy flows will greatly improve the local environmental conditions, which in turn welcome a variety of native plants and animals.
Another key strength of Ecodorp Boekel is its strong connection to social and economic opportunities, in which nature will offer solutions for local challenges and act as a connector between people of various backgrounds.
It is my conviction as a trained and experienced ecologist that, in time and if well managed, the local nature and conservation value will greatly increase and offer an inspiring example for other citizen initiatives supporting and working with nature around the globe.
Yours sincerely,

Ben Delbaere



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