Boekel Ecovillage is working on all 17 SDGs!

All of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be met in Boekel Ecovillage. The United Nations set these goals to make the world a better place in 2030. In Boekel Ecovillage we can show smallscale, local solutions for all SDG’s already in 2020.

This social housing project makes sustainable living affordable for everyone (SDG#1). Food is being grown in a climate proof food forest next to the houses (SGG#2). It’s possible to live long actively, because living in an ecovillage has all aspects of a Blue Zone and we eat homegrown organic, healthy food (SDG#3). Due to all the innovations being tested, we can garantee lifelong learning and each can learn what their qualities are and explore them in the ecovillage. In the Artist-in-Residence artists can try all kinds of sustainable innovative materials (SDG#4). Women as well as men can try out anything they want to do, but when important decisions are being made, both genders are involved (SDG#5). We make high quality drinking water from rain water and medicines in our waste water are being broken down by algae (SDG#6). We save a lot of energy by our highly insulated houses and by using DC in most parts of our houses. We want to produce more energy than we need which makes each house a powerplant (SDG#7). Each member can start any sustainable enterprise on their own or as a ecovillage venture (SDG#8).

We are a living lab for sustainable innovations and most of our houses have sensors to monitor all conditions. Some sensors even twitter interesting findings (SDG#9). All the work that has to be done, is equally rewarded so you can do the work that makes best use of your qualities and is most fun for you to do (SDG#10).

Boekel Ecovillage is a Best Practice for sustainable living, a living lab and also a showroom (SDG#11). Our most important value is responsibility, not only as a consumer, but also as a producer. That’s why we grow our own food, generate our own energy, build our own houses, even make our own water (SDG#12). As we all realise that climate change is the biggest problem of this century, we want our houses to be climate proof, prepared for any extreme weather. Boekel Ecovillage is also fossil free and stores more CO2 in it’s houses and soil than was necessary to build (SDG#13).

We purify our own waste water to prevent medicine remains from flowing into the river system and therefor we protect life in the water. We also want to start a sustainable fish farm. Greenpeace told us: ‘If you can make a success out of that, you have a solution to the overfishing of the seas’! (SDG#14) We have made a biodiversity plan to protect 10 endangered indicator species in our area and we use as much ecosystem services as we can, in a way that strengthens the nature around us (SDG#15). Research has proven that there is significantly less conflict when houses are build in a circle or square where neighbours can get to know eachother in the middle area and children can safely play (SDG#16).

Boekel Ecovillage prefers working together with other organisations to doing things themselves and likes to create win-win situations whenever it can. The ecovillage is connected to many different networks as it is broadly working on many themes (SDG#17).

Do you want a better world in 2030? We can show you how in 2020!

Do you wish to invest in us? We can give you a yearly interest of 2%.

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