We were asked to write an article for the GEN Newsletter:

It ended with this Call for Action:

Can you help us achieve the Formula 1 status on energy innovation?
We want to build a Micro Smart Grid in Boekel Ecovillage. That means every house is connected to the other houses and each house has a smart battery. When we use energy, every battery in the ecovillage is emptied before we buy energy from the grid, and when the sun shines, all batteries are filled before energy goes back to the grid. This is Jeremy Rifkin´s vision of future energy production and distribution (as in, your excess energy is used by your neighbour). It’s also a perfect testing ground for innovative small scale energy production systems and that’s one of the things that makes us interesting for the Dutch government and sustainable investors.
With this grid we can use a diversity of energy production systems, and we are looking for innovative devices we can connect. If you know of any such inventions that we can showcase in our ecovillage, please let us know. We need them to achieve the Formula 1 status!

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