Guided tour: Policy in Action for EU Green Week

During the tour your guide will show you how the vision and policy of the province of North-Brabant and the regional waterboard is incorporated in the plans of Boekel Ecovillage. Their combined vision of the way people build and live in 2050 will be realised in Boekel Ecovillage in 2021.

We will show you a number of circular materials for instance the material our circular kitchens will be made of. Our kitchens will be made from cellulose out of waste and a special glue called Niaga. After the livespan of the kitchen has ended, the producer will take back the old kitchen, melt the glue, which can be separated from the cellulose. Without any loss a new kitchen will be build with the materials of the old kitchen.
The benefits of this circular kitchen are not matched by any other circular product. It is by far the best example of a circular product.
We will show you more circular products, but also more of our plans.

Our waterplan is very innovative, climate proof for any weather extreme, uses rain water for any household purpose and stores it in a natural way.

Our houses will be climate proof, even resistant for super cell hail storms.

The guided tour ends in our vegetable garden which is also designed to even have production in weather extremes like long draught and extreme rain fall.

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