Principles for planning

  1. We take small steps.
  2. With each step we proceed using the project-guiding method Dragon Dreaming. (
  3. We wish to enjoy each step on the way to realising our eco-village, so we work with as little deadlines as possible. We do, however, work hard, because we like getting things done.


In process of being updated.


Fase 1: The preparation of agricultural land has been completed using permaculture principles.
Fase 2: Composing the group (ongoing process)
We wish to become a light, positive, action-oriented organisation of people who want to go with the flow. This is why we work using Holarchy, an open source derivative of Holacracy
Fase 3: Establish the required organisations and make agreements with local authorities for usage of the first part of the terrain.
We have become a cooperation and in July 2014 the town council has decided that eco-village Boekel has green light.

Read up on the different phases (dutch)

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