Challenge of the city
Sustainable growth is the greatest challenge of the cities of the future. Cities account for some 60 – 80 per cent of all energy consumption and some 75 per cent of carbon emissions (source: SDG Netherlands). Rapid urbanisation places great pressure on obtaining or maintaining fresh water supplies, functioning sewers, the living environment and public health.

Sustainable cities
At the same time, the high population density in cities also has advantages. For example, it is easier to use resources more efficiently; to implement technological innovations widely; and to use less raw materials and energy. The city of the future must provide opportunities for everyone through innovation and progress, including access to basic services such as clean drinking water, housing, energy, transport and more.

Sustainable communities as testing grounds
Ecovillages such as Ecodorp Boekel can test and demonstrate various developments in practice. That is why we were interviewed by Cities in Transition.

Because we are an ambitious civic initiative, we have been on TV regularly. View the list of documentaries in which we have explained innovations, sometimes with the company, sometimes only as an enthusiastic user.

Best Practice
It is good to show best practices so that there is an example. We want to show how policy can be put into practice.