Restoring ecosystem services and conserving biodiversity is Sustainable Development Goal 15 and it is one of the biggest global problems of this century.

Our biodiversity is in a very, very bad state. Since the 1950s, 75% of all animal and plant species have already died out. The most vulnerable species, such as butterflies, have even decreased in species diversity by 95%. I call it our biodiversity because many people forget that we are part of it. We spray poison on our food as if it has no consequences. Unfortunately it has a big impact, the number of insect species is also enormously reduced and they are the bottom layer of the food pyramid, all other species live off them directly and indirectly. Man too!

Not only that, but we are cutting down forests, so that when there is extreme rainfall, the soil is washed away and mud flows occur, wiping out entire villages. Bees are dying in large numbers, so that in China people are already fertilising the fruit trees with cotton buds. And our regular agricultural methods impoverish the soil so much that the chairman of the ZLTO is ashamed of himself for leaving the soil worse for his children than he got it from his father.

Biodiversity plan
That is why in Ecodorp Boekel we pay a lot of attention to biodiversity and its preservation. We have made a management plan for the terrain to maximise biodiversity, both on and in the soil; we will even become part of the Dutch nature conservation area through the VCA Platform! Read more about it here…

Ecosystem services
Boekel Ecovillage uses a lot of ecosystem services as all ecovillage do. Their plan has even been presented to a representative of the European Parliament.