SDG 6 states that by 2030, everyone should have access to clean drinking water and be able to use clean and good sanitation. There are still too many medicine residues, pesticides and hormones in water. To improve the quality of water, this pollution must stop and wastewater must be purified more frequently. All countries must also have a well-functioning water management system by 2030.

Clean drinking water and waste water treatment
In Brabant we are lucky that Brabant Water produces such high quality water and has good storage facilities for it. But there are also cities where, in case of prolonged drought, water is purchased from Germany. And the water boards struggle to purify the water properly.

In cooperation with a water expert from Brabant Water, the contractor Eco+Bouw, Mijn Waterfabriek (My Water Factory), several water boards and the NIOO, the water plan of Ecodorp Boekel came into being:

  • Collecting rainwater and filtering it until it can be used for toilets and washing machines
  • Filtering waste water in a helophyte filter or constructed wet land
  • Allow purified water to infiltrate the soil
  • In case of prolonged drought use groundwater (that we have ‘saved’ in the soil ourselves)

The helophyte filter received an incentive contribution from the Aa and Maas Water Board. This is just one of the innovations in the Boekel Ecovillage.