If you have warm feelings to our project and you want to do something to help us to reach everything we have planned, that’s possible in several ways:

Warm money for Boekel Ecovillage
Soon we will already start living on our terrain, so we need money to buy all kind of things. Of course everyone of us has made his/her own contribution (our own capital). We can get a loan (borrowed capital) but you can also support us with a donation. We call that ‘warm capital’. So if you have any warm feelings for our ecovillage, support us with warm money, by transfering your donation to:
Accountnumber: NL48 RABO 0143 3198 92
Accountholder: Ecodorp Boekel
Description: Donation of (your name).

If you are donating 100 Euro or more, you will receive a free overnight stay in one of the future treehouses! They will be big enough for a family (4-6 people). And if you can’t come along yourself, it’s always possible to pass this as a gift to somebody else (your children, parents, neightbours, colleagues).

We also have several possibilities for investors. Nowadays money on a savingsaccount hardly generates anything and not every bank deals very sustainably with the money, so investing in our ecovillage is a very rewarding addition to a (green) investmentportfolio. With our enterprises we will generate income, that we will use to pay the loans back. Please contact us for all the possibilities!